Conservatory Cleaning Portsmouth

Our cleaning service brings your dirty conservatory back to life

Your conservatory is a great place to spend time and a valuable asset to your property, however without regular maintenance and cleaning it can deteriorate and not only start looking ugly but can potentially cause more serious issues that may need expensive repair.

  • Do you have unsightly green algea growing on your conservatory roof
  • Lack of natural light into your conservatory
  • Dirty UPVC that has seen better days
  • Blocked gutters causing water damage
  • Dirty streaks on the inside of the glass
  • Dirt behind hard to access areas such as behind blinds

Our Service

Our cleaning service can breath life back into your conservatory, letting all that lovely light back in and making it a pleasant place to be again.

We use ladders to access the roof and then apply a cleaning solution to soak into the grime and dirt. This gives a proper deep clean and brings your UPVC back to its original color and glass to a clean streak free finish.

We can clean your gutters out of debris to make sure they are working properly and make any minor repairs as we find necessary.

We can clean inside as well, maximizing the overall appearance and giving things a fresh new look. We will protect the floor, remove and hoover blinds and hand clean all the glass, struts, fittings, surrounds and sills.

We leave your home cleaner than we found it and everything back as it should be. We can even move furniture if necessary

  • Free, Fast No Obligation Quote
  • Quality Service with No Hassle Guarantee
  • Fully Insured Trained ¬†Staff
  • Plant friendly cleaning solution used for a proper deep clean
  • Both inside and out cleaned
  • Blinds removed, hoovered and replaced
  • All minor repairs Included
  • Floor protected and cleaned afterwards if necessary

If you would like to get your conservatory looking its best again we would love to provide you with a free, friendly, no-obligation quote for our service, just call the number or use the contact form below.

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