What equipment do you use to clean windows?

We use a water fed pole to clean your windows, rather than a squeegee and ladder. This is not only safer but does a better job, especially on the frames and sills. We avoid using ladders unless we have to as they are dangerous and time consuming to use.

Why are my windows left wet?

We use pure filtered water to clean windows and that's because it doesn't leave spotting when it dries. Traditional cleaners that use the old squeegee method usually use tap water which if left to dry on the glass will leave deposits of minerals which make the windows look dirty. We wash and rinse the windows with pure water and left to dry naturally leave a smear free, sparkling finish.

Can you clean my windows in the rain?

Yes we can. As mentioned above, we use pure water which is essentially the same as rain water. Rain makes no difference to the overall finish. The only time weather can make the windows dirty is when there are high winds and heavy rain, where debris actually gets blown onto wet glass. We would never clean in stormy conditions but any light to medium rain is fine. We also offer to come back and re-clean for free if there is ever a problem. You can read more about cleaning in the rain here https://www.victoryoutdoorcleaning.co.uk/post/can-you-clean-windows-in-the-rain

How often do you do your rounds?

We work on a 4 week cycle. We can clean your windows either 4, 8, 12 weekly or even 6 monthly or annually, it's completely up to you. we charge the same for 4 or 8 weekly but more if left any longer than that as the windows get dirtier and take longer to clean.

Can I change the frequency of the clean?

Yes no problem at all. We communicate via text message mainly so just send us a text with your new request and we will adjust our records accordingly and advise you if there is a change in price

Do you charge more for a first time clean?

Depending on how dirty the windows are when we first start cleaning for you there maybe an extra charge for the first clean. This is so we can get your windows up to a good standard for the maintenance cleans that follow. Sometimes we may even need to you specialist UPVC cleaner to get the frames back to a good condition.

Can you do a one-off clean.

Even though most of all work is regular monthly cleans we can do one- off cleans for you. However there is an extra cost for this because we have to make an appointment to visit your property outside of a normal rounds. Also more often than not because windows haven't been regularly maintained they usually are a bit more dirty so we have to charge a bit more for the extra work.

Why do you need my mobile number?

Communication is good right! We find that text is the best way to keep each other informed. We will always text you the night before we are due to clean your property after checking the weather for the next few days, this is so you can arrange access for us if the back gate needs left unlocked for instance. It also provides you with a quick and easy way of telling us if there are any problems or if you require changes to your cleaning service. All data is held confidentially.

How do I pay?

Payment is easy, you can pay cash on the day, do a bank transfer using internet banking or set up automatic payments that you control using GoCardless. Please see more details on our payments page

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