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Don't let a blocked gutter cause expensive damage to your home, read why you should have your gutters cleaned regularly.

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Your gutters are a vital part of your roof construction and are designed to capture and divert all of the water coming off your roof into the drains.

If they are blocked with debris then the water will overflow and eventually cause all sorts of problems, some of which can end up being expensive to put right.

The UK is a very damp place as we all know and this climate is a haven for moss and lichen to grow. They love to grow on roofs out of sight and mind and a good first defense is to have your roof cleaned.

However left un-checked, sooner or later a combination of sun, wind, rain and temperature cause them to detach and roll down the roof gradually clogging the gutters. The problem can be especially bad on parts of the roof that get no sun.

When the gutters get blocked and the water starts overflowing it can damage your fascia boards and soffits causing them to rot and need replacement.

It can also rot the rafter ends that the gutters are actually fixed to ultimately creating the risk of the whole gutter coming down and damaging other parts of the property or even people.

Water can run down walls eroding the pointing and finding its way in through window surrounds. all this water then ends up soaking into the ground right where the foundations of the house are, and if left un-checked long enough can even cause subsidence.

Our Service

As you can see there are lots of reasons to keep your gutters clean and this is where Victory Outdoor Cleaning comes in to help you avoid these problems.

We recommend cleaning out your gutters annually making sure the water is running away properly to the down-pipe and that the integrity of all your joints and brackets is good.

We can clean your gutters by hand or using an industrial vacuum system where applicable and carry out any repairs when they are needed to make sure everything's in good working order.

For hard to reach areas such as over conservatory roofs, lean-to's or even just accessing the rear of a property through the house such as a terrace, we can use our long reach industrial vacuum with a camera to do the job, either way we will make sure we reach everything.

We offer a guarantee that if there are any problems due to us not completing our work properly we will return to sort the issues free of charge.

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 Gutter cleaning Portsmouthgutter clearing portsmouth

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