Can you clean windows in the rain?

On average it rains every other day in the UK and so understandably some people are concerned about whether windows can be cleaned in the rain. 

Historically the results when cleaning in the rain were not particularly great, the problem however was down to the tools being used, particularly the traditional style mop and squeegee.

The problem occurs due to the soap being used on the glass, when rain hits the residue that's left it can leave spotting on the windows and a poor finish.

Window cleaning equipment has evolved a long way over the last 10 years or so and with the introduction of the water-fed pole and pure filtered water, this problem has been almost completely eradicated.

Because the water-fed pole method does not use any soap or chemicals, just pure water to do the cleaning, there is no problem when cleaning in the rain. In fact the pure water used actually has less ‘parts-per-million’ than rain water itself. 

The only time the weather is a problem when using water-fed pole is when there is heavy rain combined with strong winds, sometimes the two combined can cause dirt to be blown onto wet windows and stick, so in these conditions we will not clean your windows.

However in anything up to moderate rain there shouldn't be a problem, it’s only really the cleaners comfort that becomes an issue, we always strive to provide a regular window cleaning service that you can rely on so we will aim to work in most conditions to keep up with our workload and avoid letting anyone down.

So here is our policy with regards to working in the rain.

We will still clean your windows when it’s raining moderately, however we will stop if it is very heavy or particularly windy.

We always text the night before, if your assessment of the weather for the next day is different to ours (you can only make a best guess!) and you don’t want us to call, then just reply to the text and we will skip you for that month. We are sorry but we cant call back as and when the weather clears up, we work in a round system and only usually clean windows in one area once a month, we can make individual appointments but the cost increases prohibitively. 

No-body can predict the weather, even the experts, so if we do get it wrong and there is stormy weather in the day we have cleaned there is a possibility the windows may not be as clean as you would like. Under these circumstances we would offer to come back and clean them again for free to rectify the situation.

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