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We all like clean windows but it's a job most of us hate doing. Let us take that chore away from you and keep your windows clean for you to enjoy all year round.

Our professional window cleaning service keeps all of your windows clean along with the frames, sills and doors and we specialise in difficult to access windows such as those that are out of reach even when using ladders. we can clean dormer windows, velux windows, conservatory roofs both inside and out.

We use water-fed poles along with pure water so that we can leave a streak-free shine to all the windows on your house, regardless of where they are and how difficult they are to clean. We can access the rear of your property even if it means coming through your house if it is terraced to clean and maintain the windows at the back of your property.

We have regular 4/8 weekly rounds in all areas of the city of Portsmouth and so provide a regular window cleaning service all year round. With our modern equipment and technology we can clean your windows in almost any weather and any time of year.

We offer a free text reminder service so you know we are coming and also automatic payments so that you don't need to worry about paying us. You can just relax and be sure that your property is being maintained all year round in a hassle-free way by the best window cleaners in Portsmouth!

The benefits of letting us clean your windows

We can save you time by doing a dirty messy awkward job. Cleaning your own windows is possible but it's messy, time consuming and potentially dangerous without the right equipment, and the results are not always as good as they could be when done professionally. Let us take the headache out of this mundane chore for you and go spend your time doing something more enjoyable.

No streaks! We use the latest technology. Our system utilises 100% pure water which is completely free from any particles or impurities which if present can leave unsightly streaks. Your windows washed with pure water will dry completely streak free.

We wash the frames and sills. Washing with lots of pure water has the effect of flushing all the loose debris from around the glass which is what causes windows to get dirty. Traditional methods of window cleaning with a squeegee doesn't give this benefit.

There is no safety risk. Working at height from ladders can be very dangerous. We use carbon fibre telescopic poles so that we can remain on the ground and stay safe. Our poles mean that we can access difficult to reach windows that would otherwise remain untouched or require expensive access equipment.

We will clean inside and out. Many window cleaners will not touch the inside of windows because of the fear of damaging the inside of your home. We think that for a window to be truly clean the inside matters too so our services include the cleaning of windows inside as well

Difficult access no problem!. Again many window cleaners will not touch properties with difficult access, for instance they would not consider gaining access to the rear of your property through the property itself such as in the case of a terraced house. We are more than happy to do this, we just use the appropriate measures to ensure that no dirt is brought into the house.

Window Cleaning PortsmouthWindow Cleaning in Portsmouth

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