Working during the coronavirus pandemic

After a 6 week break and careful consideration of the government advice, I have decided to resume a basic window cleaning service during the pandemic. Here’s some information about when and how I will be doing this.

As I normally do, I will be texting you the night before to tell you I’m coming. This will give you time to provide access if needed, and prepare cash if you pay that way.

Obviously social distancing and cleanliness for germ control is of paramount importance so I will not be cleaning any interiors or going into any houses whatsoever. All work will be outside. If I have to touch any handles to gates I will be cleaning with disinfectant afterwards. In between cleans and addresses I will be washing my hands and using hand gel to disinfect thoroughly.

I will not be knocking any doors to tell you I am there or to say hello, I will just start cleaning as soon as I turn up. If I do see you in person I am fine with that but I will maintain a safe distance.

If you pay with cash then I would ask that you put it into a bag or envelope and leave it somewhere safe for me. If at all possible please make sure the correct amount is given as dealing with change is not ideal. If you do need change then please make sure you disinfect it properly after I give it to you as it can carry germs. I will also leave it in a clean bag or envelope.

My service will be resuming from Monday 4th May. As you may know, I work in 4 week cycles so it may take a couple of weeks for me to get to you. Also if you are an 8 weekly customer I may leave you until the next cycle if it’s too close to your last clean and to even my workload out. If you are unsure where you fall into these areas or just want clarification on when I’m planning to visit, just text me and I’ll confirm individually. I plan to do things in the following order.

Week commencing 4th May: Paulsgrove, Portchester, Cosham, Drayton, Farlington

Week commencing 11th May: Hilsea, North end, Stamshaw

Week commencing 18th May: Southsea, Milton, Eastney

If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable with me turning up to your property, and you don’t want me to call, or you would like to pause my service for a while just let me know by text and I’ll adjust my records accordingly.

That’s it really, any questions please just ask and look forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks Paul 07810 487321

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